How to travel in Iran by train?

Iran is well connected by a great railway system; one of the best in the region. There is everything from normal bus-like trains to those with private cabins and bunk beds. I would pick the train in 3 conditions:

  1. long distance
  2. budget
  3. Traveling with friends

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Trains can be cheaper than VIP buses but having the option of a private cabin and bed makes it a perfect choice for night travel. If you are women traveling with another female friend or alone then you should definitely request a seat in an only female cabin. Trains can also be a great way to socialize with the locals and enjoy the scenery.

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Mashhad and Shiraz are great destination to travel with train. Both offer 5 star trains like Fadak and tickets from Tehran to Shiraz cost around 150,000 Tomans or 34€. There are also other trains such as Qazal that come in cabins of 4 or the really cheap ones with cabins of 6. Apart from the cheapest option, most night trains offer a warm dinner and breakfast. A restaurant car is also available in all of them.

To book your tickets in advance you can use either or a local agency.

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Train Companies:

1. Raja Company

2. Bonyad Company

3. Mahtab seir jam Company

4. Vania rail Company

5.Joupar Company

6.Nour Company

7.Raed Company

8. Rail Tarabar Saba Company

9. Rail Seir kosar Company

10.Hastiya Company

11. Rahahan Hamlonaghl Company

12. Rail Pardaz Noafarin Company

Train Types:

Wagon Name
  * * 4 Coupe Raja Ghazal
  * * 4 Coupe Raja Khalij fars
  * * 4 Coupe Raja Polour sabz
  * *   Salon Raja Pardis
  * *   Salon Raja Saba
  * * 4 Coupe Raja Tous
  * * 4 Coupe Raja Sabz
  * * 4 Coupe Raja Simourgh
  * * 6 Coupe Raja Milad
1-Commendation food

2-Commendaton soda pop

3-commendation book to library

4- Choose film and music by passenger

5- the passenger can set out light


* * 4 Coupe Raja Zendegi
  * * 4 Coupe Raja Alborz
  * * 4 Coupe nour Nour
  * * 4 Coupe Transpaortation



1- the passenger can set out light

2- the passenger can set out tempreture

3- Choose film and music by passenger

4-show GPS

5-connect to internal Wi-Fi and show film and listen to music



* * 4 Coupe Railpardaz Noafarin



Iran railway has tourist trains for different ways. This trains are some days.

Tourist trains for Tehran-Polsefid & Polsefi-Tehran travel  from 22/06/2017 to 02/10/2017

EToolsTitle mabda sourcestarttime
Tehran-Polsefid Tehran 06:15
Polsefi-Tehran Polsefid 15:30


Railway has touristic trains for Tehran-Savadkouh for two days(15,22 september).

Many cities for this way:

1- Shahreray

2- Garmsar

3- Bonkouh

4- Fantastic mountains in Simindasht

5- Gadouk road

6- Veresk bridge

7- Oriom bridge

8- familier to historical railway in Tehran- Savadkouh


– Transportation vehicle(trains)

– Breakfast:bread, honey,cheese , ….

– lunch: rice, chicken, salad,youger,…

Package1: biscuit, juice

Package2: coffee, tea, cake

Package3:fruites: banana ,…

Package4: tea, chocolate

-individuals and group insurances

Price:1700000 rials

Date and time travel: Friday(15 . 22 september) . 6:30 A.M


Tourist trains for Tabriz-Razi:


travel in date of 09/22/2017, 09/23/2017, 09/28/2017, 09/29/2017(6:00 A.M)



Tourist trains for Razi-Tabriz:


travel in date of 09/22/2017, 09/23/2017, 09/28/2017, 09/29/2017(5:00 P.M)

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