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Ski and Mountain

The topography of Iran consists of rugged mountainous rims surrounding high interior basins. The two major ranges of Zagros and Alborz, as well as other minor ranges and isolated mountains, contain over 3,000 peaks exceeding the altitude of 4,000 meters. Mount Dmavand, standing at 5,671meters above sea level, is the highest summit.

Such abundance of high mountain peaks conveniently provides suitable grounds for variety of climbing or skiing activities.
Technically experienced climbers can try their skills on the glaciers of Mount Damavand and the big wall of Alam-Kouh, 4,850 meters, while there are alternative routes suitable for hikers of all level and strength.

In winter the slopes of Zarad-Kouh, 4,221 meters, offers excellent powder to the back country skier and through April to May its meadows covered with wild flower beds are pasture to the nomad herds and a very popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.


Zurkhaneh is unique to Iran, the Zurkhaneh literally means house of strength and is a mix of sport theatre and religion that dates back thousands of years. As it was refined through the ages, the Zurkhaneh picked up different components of moral, ethical, philosophical and mystical values of Iranian civillisation . the Zurkhaneh itself is a small , traditional gymnasium often decorated like a shrine , and what goes on inside incorporates the spiritual richness of Sufism , traditional rituals of Mithraism and the heroism of Iranian nationalism .Typically a group of men stand around a circular pit and perform a series of ritualized feats of strength , all to the accompaniment of a leader pounding out a frenetic drumbeat .The leader sings verses from epics such as the Shahnameh and recites poetry by Hafez . Most Zurkhaneh are open to the bublic and its usually free to watch.

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