Qeshm Island


Qeshm  Island

Qeshm Island is located a few kilometers of the southern coast of Iran, opposite the port cities of Bandar Abbas and Bandar Khamir. The island, which hosts a 300 square kilometer free zone jurisdiction, is 135 km long, and lies strategically in the Strait of Hormuz, The Island, at its widest point, located near the center of the Island, spans 40 kilometers. At its narrowest point, the Island spans 9.4 kilometers. The island has a surface area of 1491 square kilometers and is 2.5 times the size of Bahrain.
The average temperature on the island is approximately 27 °C. The warmest months are June through August, and the coldest is from October to January. The average rainfall is 183.2 mm.
The island comprises 59 towns and villages. The local population is involved in fishing, construction, trade and services.
Plans have also been made to build a bridge to connect Qeshm with the rest of Iran.


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