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Nomads of the Zagros Mountain:

One of the oldest lifestyles of humankind! From thousands of years ago, from Arians, Achaemenids to present time, majority of Iranians were engaged in a pastoral subsistence system, caring and breeding their animals too keep on life. The nomadic population of Iran lives in migrating in the spring and fall. Each tribe claims the use of fixed territories for its summer and winter pastures and the right to use a specified migration route between these areas. Frequently summer and winter camps are widely separated, in some cases by as much as 1500 kilometers. This has been their life, as long as history can remember.

On this trip you will see the highlights of the Qashqai Nomads of Zagros Mountain life styles, in two weeks. The Qashqai are one of the largest and most famous tribal confederacies in Iran. They compose a community of settled, semi-settled, and pastoral nomadic households who reside mainly in Fars region. The confederation is divided into five major tribes and several minor ones. All of these tribes have a common political history, a shared cultural and linguistic heritage, and present social ties.

Tehran Travel by Plane Shiraz Travel by Car Yasuj Travel by Car Isfahan Travel by Car Kashan Travel by Car Qom Travel by Car Tehran


*10-day tour with the highlights of Nomadic Tribe Life styles.

* Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among others in Shiraz, Persepolis, Isfahan

* Stunning landscapes between mountains and oak trees forest

* spending time with Iranian Nomads and learn about their culture

Detail of Itinerary:

Day 1: Tehran – Arrival day

After your arrival at the IKA airport, your tour guide will greet you; transfer you to your hotel, O/N in Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran

In the morning start your tour with experiencing a relaxed breakfast on a city tour. The multifaceted metropolis and discover the modern and vibrant life of the Iranian Capital! Today you are starting the day with a walk through the impressive Golestan palaces (UNESCO World Heritage Site) then go to the National Archaeological museum you will get an initial overview of the millennia old history and culture of Iran, then visit the crown jewels museum with one of the world`s most important gem collections. Afterward, stroll through the modern and lively Tehran! For dinner go to Draband Mountain, O/N in Tehran.

Day 3: Tehran Travel by Plane Shiraz

A Half day tour of the capital, visiting the great palace Sa`ad Abad that once was the Shah Summer residence is today’s program. These include the White palace and Green palace. In the late afternoon you fly From Tehran to Shiraz, O/N in Shiraz.

Day 4: Persepolis – Naghsh-e-Rostam

In this day of your journey, you reach to the highlight of the tour: visiting the splendid ruins of Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the former capital of the empire of the Achaemenids and venue of world history. The imposing colonnades and fantastic reliefs suggest a brilliant explanatory of an ostentatious royal city. Let us take you to the 2,500 year history of, and visit the set in to the cliff tombs in Naghsh-e-Rostam. After that you return to Shiraz, O/N in Shiraz.

Day 5: Shiraz

Shiraz, the “city of love, roses and nightingales”, as it is also popularly known, is now at the center of traveling. Let yourself to be seduced in the magnificent gardens of Eram, gardens of the fragrant rose fields and enjoy the fascinating interplay of water, light and shadow which the Persian gardens (UNESCO World Heritage Site) are famous for. The grave monument of the popular poet Hafez is pilgrimage for many lovers. Listen to your guide who recites to you the spellbinder poems of Hafez-e-Shirazi in English and Persian, and immerse yourself in the world of Persian poetry. The Ali Ebn-e-Hamzeh Mosque will impress you with the flashing interior decoration of mirror mosaics, creating a unique atmosphere. Later, stroll through the narrow streets of the Vakil Bazaar, located in the historic center of the city, O/N in Shiraz.

Day 6: Yasuj Nomad stay

Today you will continue your journey along with the Stunning landscapes between mountains and oak tree forests. First you will stop in Margoon waterfall, then continue excursion for visiting Qashqai Nomad tribe life. During the night and staying with one of the most warmhearted ethnic groups, test Delicious traditional food, O/N in Yasuj Nomadic tent.

Day 7: Sisakht Village

Today is the highlight day of your tour: in the Stunning landscapes between mountains and oak tree forest, you will visit Sisakht village located in the Foothill of Dena Mountain. You are going to visit Nomad life style, stay in an Organic tent woven by the family themselves, test Delicious traditional food, and overall, have a wonderful once in a life time experience, O/N in Sisakht Nomadic tent.

Day 8: Semirom – Isfahan

Now, it’s time for a spectacular drive to Isfahan, Enroute you will stop in Semirom. You are going to visit the Waterfall in Semirom and Qashqai Nomads tribe there, then in the afternoon you will arrive in Isfahan, O/N in Isfahan.

Day 9: Isfahan

Today you will discover the enchanting Isfahan with its turquoise domes, imposing palaces, mosques and mausoleums; just a fairytale scenery can resemble it. Enjoy from the terrace of the Ali-Qapu Palace fabulous views on one of the most beautiful places of the Orient: the Meydan-e Imam Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Immerse yourself into the labyrinth of the colorful Bazaar, O/N in Isfahan.

Day 10: Isfahan

Starting another wonderful day in Isfahan, you begin by visiting the Friday mosque followed by forty columns palace in the morning. You will then visit Vank cathedral and the Armenian quarter of the city. After that you will head to the banks of Zayande Rud River, the soul of the city, O/N in Isfahan.

Day 11: Kashan – Qom

On the road from Isfahan to Qom, stopover to visit the attractive small oasis city of Kashan, with its former merchant houses like Borujerdi and Tabatabai. Another attraction in Kashan is also the Fin Garden, a perfect example of Persian garden design. Continue the driving toward the next stop; Qom, the second – holy city after Mashhad. Qom is the home for the magnificent Hazrat-e Masumeh shrine. This shrine is the physical and spiritual center of Qom, O/N in Qom.

Day 12: Departure

In the early morning you will be driven to the IKA airport in Tehran and fly back to your country.

  • Iran visa administration
  • 9 nights in a double room with bath or shower and toilet as described
  • 2 Nights stay with Nomadic Tribe
  • Transfers and tours in air-conditioned vehicles
  • Entrance fees according to Program
  • Accompanying by professionalEnglish-speaking, local guide for whole tour


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