Men Dress Code


If you google what the dress code is in Iran, you will see a lot of information about how women must wear during their travel to Iran. It may be logical because women apart from covering their body during their travel must wear scarf, too and although it may be an interesting experience for someone but is a big challenge for someone else and so, it has become an important subject in the net.

However, concerning men, the information is very little because the differences between dress code in Iran and outside Iran for men is not considerable.

Although, men, too, must obey some rules. E.g. wearing shorts in public is not normal for men and the best option for them is long pants/jeans and T-shirt or long sleeved shirts.

Three-quarter pants (until ankle) is not forbidden but generally is not proper.

Iranian men are very trendy and surely, you will see many young men with long hairs who wear tight short sleeves T-shirts, Jeans and special kind of dress that look very hip.

In addition, you may see that many men wear formal in public but again wearing tie is not normal.

Generally speaking: 

  • Short sleeved shirt: ok
  • Sandal with or without socks: ok
  • Shorts: no
  • Three-quarter pants: not proper
  • Tie: not normal but no problem

At the end, it is good to say that the rules are not strict and there are many Iran travelers who have traveled to Iran without any “suggestion or warning”.

As a Tourist

Anything middle-of-the-road is acceptable, with only two no-nos: avoid shorts at all times, as well as loud, bright shirts and tops (e.g., Hawaiian shirts).

Some Iranian youngsters have recently taken to wearing tight fitting, sleeveless tops, but this fashion is generally disapproved of and is limited to the very young and trendy.

All other leisure wear is acceptable, although be aware that tracksuit bottoms are only used indoors or in gyms, so wearing those pants in the street is likely to attract puzzled glances and smiles.

Short sleeves are acceptable when sightseeing and shopping but not for formal or business occasions.

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