Kish Island


Kish Island

Kish Island has a surface area of 90 square kilometers, with an outer boundary of 40kms and a nearly elliptical shape. It is located in the Persian Gulf. The Island is situated along the 1359km long Iranian seashore north of the Persian Gulf, at the first quarter from the Hormoz entrance to the Persian Gulf.

The Island is 15.45 km from west coast to the east coast. Its maximum width extending from the southern shorelines to the northern shorelines is 7.5 km. The Island’s facade is flat, lacking mountains or even high hills. Kish International Airport is built in the center on an elevated area 3540 meters from the sea level.

Kish must have experienced periods of hardship ruination during the natural tribulation of its long history. It must have been invaded often and rule by alien forces but Kish Island, in the Persian Gulf, has remained like other islands such as Qeshm and Hormuz. It is an integral part of the safety reason; Kish was frequently used as a port of call by the ancient mariners who got drinking water and other necessities from the islanders Kish. Island’s strategic position served as a way station and link for the ancient Assyrian and Elamites civilization when their primitive sailboats navigated from Susa through Karoun river into the Persian Gulf and along the southern coastline passing Kish, Qeshm and Hormoz islands.

Choosing this part of the island to build a city was a most natural and logical choice. Its high cliffs are over than ten meters above sea level, with three capes acting as natural harbors, and a shore relatively calmer than other coastlines along the island, all in helping to shape the city in its northern coast.  Three separate archaeological digs have been carried out in the remains of the ancient city of Harireh.


Dolphin Park Complex

In a big beautiful garden of 70 hectares, where beautiful bougainvilleas are wrapped around palm trees, and green plants and colorful flowers present a different nature to the visitors, for the first time in the Middle East, sea mammals and penguins entertain the children and adults.
The multi-purpose Olympic stadium, seating 1200 spectators, includes volleyball, basketball, handball, indoor football, gymnastics, wrestling, taekwondo, judo, karate, and chess. All these are supervised by professional, coaches and some are managed by international coaches.

Scuba Diving

Diving in Kish Island is easy and relaxing for all levels of experience. You have the choice of fringing coral reefs, pinnacles and a shipwreck.  We regularly visit all dive sites, not just the ones at our doorstep. There are also a couple of site that are known only to us – guaranteed no other divers the maximum depth at most of the dive sites ranges between 8 and 10 meters. Our advanced dive sites can be deeper, up to 33 meters.

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