Khouzestan Hotels


3-Star Hotels

Jahangardi Hotel – Dezful ***

Dezful Hotel has 2 floors and 20 rooms in the room. This hotel was exploited in 1392. With its facilities such as a restaurant, coffee shop and conference hall, the hotel offers its guests the opportunity to welcome guests. The 3 star Dezful Hotel is located on 15 Khordad Avenue, and has a short distance from the Dez River.

Telephone +98 061 44242100
Tele – fax +98 061 42429163
Reservation +98 061 44242100
Address Dezful – Imam Hossein Square – May 15th Boulevard – Beside the Shahid Mardian Stadium

Khane Afzal Hotel ***

Afzal Mansion is one of the historical sites of the Qajar period in Shushtar city, in which the combination of Iranian Islamic art is seen in its architecture. The Afzal family is one of the famous Shushtar families who used to have a home based business in Shushtar and some other Khuzestan cities like Khorramshahr and were connected with Hindu merchants.

Telephone +98 061 36210908
Tele – fax +98 061 36210908
Reservation +98 061 36210908
Address Iran. Khuzestan, Shushtar,

Quay of Imam Khomeini, paving stone, Afzal mansion

Shoshtar Historic Hotel ***

This historic house with210 years old belonged to the Qajar period that after repairing, from 2013, is considered as the first traditional hotel in the Khuzestan province. This house has 17 rooms, among them, 15 rooms are serviceable for guests.

Telephone +98 061 36222291
Tele – fax +98 061 36222291
Reservation +98 061 36222291
Address Behind Abdollah-banoo monument, Abdollah-banoo St., Shushtar, Iran

4-Star Hotels

Pars Caravanserai Abadan Hotel ****

Hotel Pars Caravanserai Abadan was built in the years before the revolution and about 1350. The hotel was suspended during the imposed war period and was restored after the end of the war in 1370. After reconstructions, in 1374, the Pars Hotel was reopened and became a member of the Pars Hotel Group in 2008. The four-star Pars Caravanserai Hotel Abadan has 93 rooms and suites, which are located in the ground floor and half-story. Other facilities at Pars Hotel include restaurant halls, coffee shops, billiards, tennis courts and traditional tea.

Telephone +98 061 53264002-9
Tele – fax +98 061-53264000
Reservation +98 061-53264000
Address Berim street – Berim square, Abadan, Iran

Parsian Azadi Abadan ****

The four-star Parsian-Azadi Hotel Abadan (former Persian-speaking company) started its activities under the name of Azadi Hotel in Abadan in 1374. Since 2005, this hotel has been under the name of Parsian Azadi Hotel Abadan under the Parsian Hotels Group in its two phases in the western and eastern parts of the country. The facilities and privileges of this hotel can be located in the heart of Abadan, easy access to the sights of the city such as Abadan Shipping Port, Central City Market, Oil Cinema, Abadan Museum and proximity to Khorramshahr.

Telephone +98 061 53260060
Tele – fax +98 061 53260054
Reservation +98 061 53260054
Address Khuzestan Province, Abadan, 37 Pars Hotel

5-Star Hotels

Pars Hotel Ahvaz *****

The Pars Hotel of Ahvaz was founded in 1347 and was launched in 1352. The total area of the land is 6,015 square meters and the total infrastructure is 10129 square meters. This hotel is located in the 5th floor and adjacent to the Karoon River and the famous Bridge of Ahvaz, the White Bridge.

Telephone +98 061 32234990-9
Tele – fax +98 061 32926623
Reservation +98 061 32926623
Address Khuzestan – Ahwaz, 24 m Street, Shahid Abedi Street

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