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Glory of Iran – 18 days

Iran is a fascinating travel destination full of history, charm and hospitality. Even in the less well-known regions in the north there is plenty to see and do: once led an important stage of the southern Silk Road through the area. Travel you know on this ancient route from Mashhad to Tabriz and Hamadan and get to the multifaceted north of Iran. Explore beyond the classic travel routes beautiful landscapes, ranging from salt and sand deserts through fertile valleys to a picturesque mountain scenery, and visit magnificent mosques, shrines and forts.  Along the way you see bridges and caravanserais – legacies of the old trade route.

Mashhad Travel by Car Bastam Travel by Car Damghan Travel by Car Tehran Travel by Car Qazvin Travel by Car Zanjan Travel by Car Tabriz Travel by Car Maragheh

Takab Travel by Car Hamedan Travel by Car Shahrekord Travel by Car Isfahan Travel by Car Yazd Travel by Car Shiraz


  • Biggest, Iranian Shiite shrine in Mashhad
  • Beautiful, varied landscapes from the mountains to the desert
  • Old bridges, caravanserais and fortresses from the time of the Silk Road
  • Oldest mosque in Iran`s Damghan
  • Oljeitu Mausoleum in Soltaniyeh (UNESCO World Heritage )

Detail of Itinerary:

Day 1: Istanbul-Mashhad–Arrival day

After your arrival at the International airport, your tour guide will greet you; transfer to your hotel, O/N in Mashhad.

Day 2: Mashhad

Early morning you land in the second largest city in Iran and are accompanied by your guide in your hotel. After a recovery period to explore the Persian metropolis and visit the holiest site of shia in Iran: the complex around the mausoleum of Imam Reza. He was the eighth Imam of the Shiites and to have been poisoned near Mashhad. The complex around the sanctuary covers 1 square km and offers a fascinating sight to the turquoise dome of Gawharshad Mosque and the ornate, gilded dome of the tomb. Here you can encounter Shiite faithful from all over the world, the pilgrimage to inside the sanctuary (access only for Muslims), O/N in Mashhad.

Day 3: Niyshapur–Bastam

Behind Mashhad offers the sanctuary Qadamgah. The here immortalized in stone footprint should come from Imam Reza. Nishapur, your next stop is known for being the home town of the great Persian scholar, mathematician and poet Omar Khayyam. They make pilgrimages to his mausoleum in Mahrugh garden where you tells your tour guide from the Archievements of scholars. Even today, one feels that the mood in the city from the interaction Omar Khayyam is marked. Under a blue ceramic dome is the grave of Attar, one of the most famous poets of Iran. Right next to it you see the mausoleum of the court painter Kamal al – Molk, who is considered the founder of modern Iranian painting. Later they reach Bastam, the city of the mystic Bayazid Bastami, O/N in Bastam.

Day 4: Damghan – Tehran

After breakfast, take the time for a short stroll in Bastam before you travel on the former Silk Road to Damghan, Where you can admire the oldest mosque in Iran that radiates through her sober but clear architectural grandeur. In the afternoon they reach Tehran and have time for a rest, a stroll or a hot cup of tea with saffron candy, O/N in Tehran.

Day 5: Tehran

Experience for a relaxed breakfast on a city tour the multifaceted metropolis and discover the modern and vibrant life of the Iranian capital! Today you are start the day with a walk through the impressive Golestan palaces (UNESCO World Heritage Site) then go to the National Archaeological museum you will get an initial overview of the millennia old history and culture of Iran. Then visit the crown jewels museum with one of the world`s most important gem collections. Then stroll through the modern and lively Tehran! For dinner go to Darband Mountain, O/N in Tehran.

Day 6: Qazvin – Zanjan

On the way to Zanjan you make a short stop in Qazvin, where you can visit the pilgrimage Imamzadeh Hoseyn and have the opportunity to have lunch. Then you expect in Soltaniyeh the Oljeitu Mausoleum (UNESCO World Heritage) of the grandest medieval domed persia. Zanjan is Famous for its cutlery art and can be referred to as the” Solingen” of Iran, O/N in Zanjan.

Day 7: Tabriz

Today`s Journey through the beautiful and varied landscape of the province of Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran. Visit traveling the Pol-e-Dokhtar Bridge, once the main bridge of the former caravan route between Tabriz and Qazvin. It was built about 400 years ago as a link across the river Qazal-Ozun and secured by the above lying in the mountains fortress Qaleh-ye Dokhtar. The ruins of the once mighty mountain fortress are still preserved. In the afternoon, you can stroll through the beautiful, historic Silk Road bazaar of Tabriz (UNESCO World Heritage Site), O/N in Tabriz.

Day 8: Kandovan – Maragheh

South of Tabriz, visit the fabulously picturesque village Kandovan. Many houses and a mosque and a bathhouse are beaten in the soft tufa rock and interconnected by walkways and steps. Spend a moment at this quaint place and explore the unique townscape. In Maragheh visit the Famous grave towers, the Red, Blue and Round Tower. Take the best light in the late afternoon for a nice photo, O/N in Maragheh.

Day 9: Takab – Hamedan

In the morning, drive in Takht-e Soleiman (UNESCO World Heritage Site), embedded on an alpine lake 2,000 meters above sea level is located in the surrounding mountains, the fire temple complex. A few kilometers away is the mountain peak Zendan-e Soleiman, a 100 m deep crater is at its center. The rim of the crater, which was formerly revered as a shrine, you can climb a staircase. From the top you have a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and to the foundation walls of the sanctuary. In the evening you reach Hamedan, the city of the Medes, O/N in Hamedan.

Day 10: Hamedan

Hamedan known in classical times as Ecbatana was once one of the ancient world’s greatest cities. Today visit the pompous mausoleum of the famous physician and philosopher Avicenna. On the Hegmataneh Hill was once the ancient city of the Medes, then you will go to Tomb tower of Esther & Mordekhai belonging 14th century was once Iran`s most important Jewish pilgrimage site, then go to close of Hamadan in a rock face, the writing tablets Ganj Nameh from the Achaemenid admire. For daily closing From Abbasabad Hill enjoy views of the city scenery, O/N in Hamedan.

Day 11: shahrekord

In the Morning drive in shahrekord. On the way along the Zagros mountain range, crossing occasionally fertile valleys. Along the way you visit the old, Median fortress Tepe Nushejan. The ruin is to contain the first verified firetemple. In Khansar you can stroll through beautiful gardens with magnificent water courses before reaching Shahrekord, O/N in Shahrekord.

Day 12: Isfahan

The central Iranian highlands drive to Isfahan, in one of the most beautiful cities of Iran. Along the way you will see the typical pigeon towers. People talked earlier the birds to fertilize with manure their fields. In the afternoon, they reached Isfahan Where you look on a tour of the Armenian Quarter, the beautiful Vank Cathedral. The evening, relax with a stroll along the river Zayande Rud on the romantic, historic bridges, O/N in Isfahan.

Day 13: Isfahan

Today you will discover the enchanting Isfahan with its turquoise domes, imposing palaces, mosques and mausoleums. Just a fairytale scenery can resembles! Enjoy from the terrace of the Ali-Qapu Palace fabulous views on one of the most beautiful places of the Orient: the Meydan-e Imam Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Immerse yourself then into the labyrinth of the colorful bazaar, O/N in Isfahan.

Day 14: Nain – Yazd

Drive to Nain, along the way you will cross the great desert Dasht-e Kavir. Nain is famous for its ornate handmade carpets and the Friday Mosque. In the late afternoon you reach Isfahan; one of the most beautiful cities in Iran! Round off the day with a relaxing stroll on Zayande Rud River along the historic bridges, O/N in Yazd.

Day 15: Yazd

Start you sightseeing tour today with the architecturally and historically important Friday Mosque with its ornate entrance. The mosque was the beginning of the 14th century. Built on the site of a former fire temple. Around the mosque is the old Fahadan district, which exudes the original charm of the orient. Stroll in the shade of the wind towers through the picturesque, narrow streets of adobe buildings and arch ways. Then look at the fire temple and the silence towers the testimonies of today living Zoroastrian religion, O/ N in Yazd.

Day 16: Pasargadae – Shiraz

On the way from Shiraz to Yazd, you can visit high light of your trip: the splendid ruins Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage Site), more about King Cyrus the Great and the ancient Persian Empire. Then continue our excursion of Necropolis (Naqsh –e- Rostam) the graves are dug in to the rock and elaborately decorated, one of these rock tombs is king Darius, the builder Persepolis, assigned. Then we will visit Persepolis was once the imposing capital of great Persian Empire, the first Empire in history. the splendid ruins of Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a highlight of your trip, Magnificent porticoes and reliefs still bear witness to the splendor of the former royal city, O/N in shiraz.

Day 17: Shiraz

Shiraz, the “city of love, roses and nightingales “, as it is also popularly known, is now at the center of its travel. Let yourself seduce in the magnificent gardens of Eram garden of the fragrant rose fields and enjoy the fascinating interplay of water, light and shadow, for the Persian gardens (UNESCO World Heritage Site) are famous. The grave monument of the popular poet Hafez is pilgrimage for many lovers. Listen to your guide who recites to you the poems in English and Persian, and immerse yourself in the world of Persian poetry. The Ali Ebn-e Hamzeh Mosque impressed with your flashing interior decoration of mirror mosaics, creating a unique atmosphere. Later, stroll through the narrow streets of the Vakil Bazaar, located in the historic center, O/N in Shiraz.

Day 18: Departure

Transfer to the International airport in Shiraz.

  • Iran Visa administration
  • Transfers and tours in air-conditioned vehicles
  • 17 nights in a double room with shower / WC
  • Visits incl. Entrance fees lt. Program
  • Accompanying by professional English-speaking, local guide for whole tour

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