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Masouleh as a national relic is an obvious type of the historic habituate of mankind, which has been registered as No.1090 in national relics list of country in solar year of 1354. This historic town, during its 1000 years of age, is a fantastic type of harmony between nature and human. It is located at 37, 09,13N latitude and at 48, 59,14E longitude. It is situated on a river valley, near the second high peak of Talesh mountain (Masouleh-Dagh with 3050m height). Its height is 1050 m from open sea and difference between it’s the highest the lowest points are more than 120 m.
The combination of Talesh, Turkey and Gilaky triple cultures from one side and the forest, the pasture and mountainous triple natures from other side, create a culture and civilization, that the first fade of it, is the specific architecture and urban development of Masouleh.
The old town of Masouleh with 1.6 hectare extent is based on four neighborhoods: Khaneh-Bar, Kasheh-Sar, Asad-Mahalleh and Masjed-Bar. Also Masouleh bazaar has four floors that each neighborhood connects to it directly. In Masouleh, at the moment, there are more than 350 residential units, which have been 600 units in past (about 100 years ago). With 120 commercial units around its bazaar, more than 6 caravanserai, 2 traditional baths, more than 33 public springs, 10 mosques and 5 shrines strike a note of improvement and splendor of this town in recent years. During the 60 past years, the population of Masouleh has decreased from 3500 to 900.
In recent decades for different reasons, historic-cultural and environmental changes of this rare collection has been altered and present situation of the valuable town is not suitable as before. Nevertheless, Masouleh is probably among the five wonderful town-villages of Iran (Abyaneh, Kandovan, Meymand and Sar-Seiedagha). Maybe thousands of travelers (passengers) visit this historic town and natural landscapes yearly. In summer more passengers visit Masouleh, because of its temperature and damp weather, although its attraction in three other seasons is more than summer.

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