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Adventurous River Rafting Tour – 2 Days

Iran is mostly known for the ancient and historical sites in the tourism industry, but there are some other attractions in our country too, for example: River Rafting!

Armand District is located in the north of Lordegan County in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and has Mediterranean and half-dry climate. It has been selected for tourism-sports activities in the comprehensive plan of river ecotourism.

Discover a side of Iran that most travelers seldom know exists. A perfect combination of road trip and rafting tour, this adventure will allow you to do some sightseeing in Borujen, the Gaz (Persian nougat) capital of Iran, to experience the rush of rappelling down a suspension bridge and the thrill of taking on the rapids of Armand River. Don’t miss the chance to add some real fun and excitement to your Iran vacation by joining a rafting tour in southwestern Iran.


  • Tackling Grade 4 rapids on Armand River
  • seeing the unforgettable scenery of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.
  • Visiting beautiful villages like Naghan, Do Polan, and Jowzestan.

Day 1:

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You will depart from Isfahan early in the morning and have breakfast along the way, then stop in the city of Naghan in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province for lunch. You will arrive at Do Polan Village in early afternoon where you will receive rafting instructions before rappelling down a 58-meter suspension bridge. Joyfully spend an hour and a half navigating the river in rafts and enjoying the scenery. Your trip will end at the bridge in Jowzestan Village. You will spend the night at the villas/dorms near the river where you can take a hot shower before dinner.

Day 2:

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After a healthy Persian breakfast, you will receive more instructions from your rafting guide in Darreh Yas Village before taking on the Grade 4 rapids of Armand River. You will spend a few hours on the river and the trip will end at Armand Bridge. You will be served chicken Kebab grilled over camp fire for lunch before heading back to Isfahan


Note: For your own convenience and the convenience of your fellow travelers, be advised that your luggage should not exceed 15kg.


  • Transportation
  • 1 night of Accommodation at the villas/dorms near the river
  • Rafting Guide / equipment
  • Meals and Snack

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