Elgoli Park Tabriz


Elgoli Park(Shahgoli)

Elgoli Park - tabriz
Elgoli Park- Tabriz

Iran is well known for its beautiful and glorious gardens (Persian gardens). Beside this well-known gardens, there are some other picturesque parks with terrific monuments or other constructions in it which are not less beautiful than gardens. Elgoli Park is a paragon of this kind in Tabriz.

One of these outstanding parks is Elgoli (Shahgoli) in Tabriz.

El Goli is only 4 km downstream of Tabriz to the south. It has a square artificial lake surrounded by sidewalks in every four sides. There is also a building in the middle of the lake, with the traditional architecture of Iranian Azerbaijan. The square lake is said to be 12m deep surrounding a grand hexagonal palace building. In South of the lake there is a hill covered by trees. Two beautiful stairways connecting the sidewalks to the top of the hill. At top of the hill there is a building with modern architecture which is a hotel: Hotel Pars.

This park is a popular weekend destination for locals to relax for breakfast or afternoon activities. Especially popular is the hill on the eastern side of the park with some steps leading down to a pool and a fountain flowing from the hilltop.

On the historical side of Elgoli park, it can be said that early history is not clear however it’s most widely believed the original purpose of Shah-Goli Lake was a water resource for agricultural purposes. The pool itself is said to have been built during the reign of Aq Qoyunlu kings. However, Elgoli was extended by the Safavids, before being used as a summer palace during the Qajar dynasty when the prince of Iran officially resided in Tabriz. Afterward, the lake was reconstructed during the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Last Shah). Though after the Iranian Revolution of 1979, removing the Shah’s name from all urban planning became a sort of norm. So the name of Shah-Goli was changed to El-Goli Park in official documents, yet remains commonly called Shah-Goli by locals.

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