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About Parvaz Pardazan Aseman

Parvaz Pardazan Aseman Tour and Travel Agency is specialist for special Travel experiences

The tour operator Parvaz Pardazan Travel Agency specializes in special holidays with handpicked travels in Iran, Asia and Orient, which gives you the lasting impetus and inspiration. Parvaz Pardazan philosophy “holiday with meaning” stands for sophisticated travel in a big group of nice people, including: Local, family-run and qualified hotels, accompanied by native knowledgeable guides. This interaction with native population in the destinations that we have, will make a social and environmental sustainability as well as the financial support. These are typical characteristics of a Parvaz Pardazan journey.

Parvaz Pardazan Travel Agency environmentally and socially responsible tourism

Parvaz Pardazan offers quality instead of quantity. We travel in small groups which pleases both the host country as well as our customers. Small, typical hotels often run by the local owners, guaranteeing a pleasant, family atmosphere. Our partners also benefit because the new currency will remain in their country too, and not flow back like many mass organizers in Iran. Through the cultural and knowledgeable tour guides and our customers, we also contribute to preserving our rich history and culture. We only support projects that are in harmony with the culture of the host country.

High Lights of Parvaz Pardazan Travel Agency

  • Operating in small and big groups
  • Best prices – Best Quality
  • guaranteed performance
  • Global offer
  • Unique travel experiences
  • Selected accommodations
  • Excellent tour guides
  • Sustainable trave

More Parvaz Pardazan Trip Types

  • Parvaz Pardazan for individuals
  • Group Tour
  • Single Travel
  • Travel Without Single Supplement
  • Adventure Travel
  • Cultural Tour

A Brief History of Parvaz Pardazan Tour and Travel Agency

The first idea was to promote and develop tourism and traveling. Parvaz Pardazan wanted to promote tourism where it was the most needed. So the aim is not just to operate the ready-made tour programs but the ideal goal is to providing an efficient ground for cultural exchanges, In addition it will help local’s economy and of course this way the travelers would be engaged with daily locals’ lives. Although comfort and style of travel have changed over time yet, much has remained the old way. Parvaz Pardazan has been operating professionally for special trips in small and big groups since 2014.

Subject of Activities by Parvaz Pardazan Tour and Travel Agency

Parvaz Pardazan Tour and Travel Agency is a subset of bank Shahr, one of the successful new established banks in Iran so we are eager to:

  • Attracting the financial Sources of investors for developing the infrastructures and investment in different tourism sectors
  • Any kind of economic activity in the field of tourism industry
  • Offering tourism consultation and concluding contracts in the framework of economic activities
  • Providing the domestic and foreign airlines, railways, and bus ticket, reserving the national and international hotels, obtaining visa, performing recreational tours, pilgrimage and entertainment tours and transferring it wholly or partially to qualified and competent executives
  • Conducting research and study activities in the field of tourism
  • Offering services in different sectors such as health, sports tourism, eco- tourism, industrial and commercial tourism, educational, scientific and research tourism and other sectors of the related industry
  • Providing electronic tourism services
  • Providing services in the field of Nature and environmental friendly projects
  • interaction with different domestic and foreign companies for selling the products and services related to the activities of the company
  • Planning, managing and leading the travel, tourism and e-tourism clubs
  • Designing and leading e-sale system for tourism and handicraft services
  • Preparing the regional, national and international awards
  • Generating comprehensive databanks in tourism industry
  • Launching and leading specialized TV channels, media and internet tourism Networks.

Parvaz Pardazan Aseman Tour & Travel Agency is one of the leading Iranian inbound /outbound agencies, active in the fields of tour and travel, aviation, cruise and hotel booking. It was established in 2014 by a group of experienced travel specialists who have been in this business for years; it offers a wide range of services to the demanding domestic and international travel markets

Our country Persia with its outstanding natural beauties is also the land of remnants of the Persian Empire, one of the most ancient civilizations. Owning many magnificent historical and ancient monuments and sites plus a unique culture preserved by affection and warmth, Iran is a country with numerous attractions. So far we are able to provide hotel reservation, visa assistance, multilingual tour guides, transfer services and transportations for the incoming individual travelers, group travelers as well as businessmen. Also, we can offer services to a various number of cultural, expedition, climbing, hunting and adventure itineraries in Iran

To satisfy our domestic clients’ demands, we have arranged well-planned tours to a range of multifarious destinations both in &out of the country. Our range of operation covers Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Far East countries. The main markets for outbound travels are Australia, European countries, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia.

Apart from holidays, cultural and sun and sands packages, we also offer some of the most popular cruise line packages in the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia

Why Parvaz Pardazan Tour and Travel Agency:

Parvaz Pardazan –Reason 1: Small groups

Maximum 12 guests create a good group and usually no more than 16 ones, is perfect. I believe that In Iran, this way of traveling can make a unique travel experience. We respect our guest and travel in a great vibe of friendliness, hoping to have the most interaction with native people in our special destinations and staying in small, local hotels as possible. One of the benefits of small tours is that your tour guide has more time for you and the itinerary can be more flexible.

Parvaz Pardazan – Reason 2: Big Group

Maximum 25 guests traveling and usually no more than 30 ones, create a big group. One thing can be call advantage is that, in big groups the whole price of the tour will be cut down, so financially it’s a good thing. There are a lot of advantages in travelling with big groups, another one is the opportunity to meet a higher number of people with the same interest and taste as you. Travel in big groups means more energy, more chat, more laugh. So in sum up, we can say: “the more the merrier!”

Parvaz Pardazan -Reason 3: Best Rates – Best Quality!

All trips are handmade with great attention to detail. Out of thousands of hotels we are searching for the cleanest and prettiest accommodations for you. We offer you the best price-performance ratio that you can find. Despite the better travel experience, what you will have through our small and big groups, we offer the same or better prices than our competitors. And all of this we guarantee!

Parvaz Pardazan –Reason 4: Our performance guarantee

Only in Parvaz Pardazan you can find any kind of tour packages (short or long distance) with guarantee, starting from 2 guests and more numbers. Only Parvaz Pardazan Travel Agency in Iran has such tour packages which are mostly conducted with guarantee. This warranty works like this: before we cancel, we would rather to pay back the price to you and make sure that you stay satisfied. And on the other hand, because almost all groups are fully booked, it wouldn’t be a disadvantage for us too. In addition, we offer full transparency; the guarantee tours and packages are available on our site: IranTraverse.com, Ready to book.

Parvaz Pardazan –Reason 5: Unique Travel Experiences

The special feature of Parvaz Pardazan trips are the unique travel experiences: interacting with native people. What makes people to move? What makes people to travel? Where we have something in common and where we differ? Mostly, we build tour packages as you wish and there are some kinds of ready-made traditional packages too.

Parvaz Pardazan –Reason 6: Selected accommodation and tour guides

We eagerly with much love and effort are working in Parvaz Pardazan Travel Agency to have the best tours and services offering to you, our dear guests. We are continuously searching for suitable hotels and professional tour guides for your vacation. Out of hundreds of hotels and tour guides who we have interaction with, there are only a tiny fraction of them who join us for performing our travel ideas. In choosing the hotels, we consider the fair and suitable price as well as high standards of cleanness and good environment. As we said before, we choose Parvaz Pardazan tour guides with high precision as they are the souls of each Parvaz Pardazan tours. Our kind and knowledgeable guides who are only in a few number, have the high standards of being great tour leaders. They make your journey an unforgettable one, which tempt you to rethink for coming back again. This one we can guarantee with our hearts.